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Reset trial in new version - resetting the trial in a new version means that the trial limitation will be reset in the new version. If you use limitation by the days count or limitation by the executions count, this function can reset these trial limitations in the new version of the program module. It means that the new version of the program module will count limitation values from the beginning.

Attention: To make this function work correctly, you should define the current version of the module in the Input section.

Open file if the trial has expired - allows you to open the file specified in the File Name field when any trial limitation has expired. The file will be opened only if you have chosen the Terminate Execution option for the Trial Expire action. If you have set to keep the file extecuted upon the trial expiration, the file will not open.

File name - the file name has a wide range of uses, it may be not just a file; hyper and email links can be used as well.

The following examples show you what the File Name field can contain:

The File Name field content Description
hyper link, will open an Explorer window with the same link;
email link, will open a default email client offering to send an email to the same address;
open license.txt file. The file will be opened in a default application which supports .txt format. The file should be placed in the same folder with the protected module;
open the Register.exe file which is located in the Relative subfolder to the folder of the protected module;
open the Register.exe file which is located in the upper folder to the folder of the protected module;
open the Register.exe file from the c:\Windows absolute folder.